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Confederation Way Sanitary Sewer Bypass - Phase 2

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2017 Schedule – Confederation Way Sanitary Sewer Bypass Phase 1 - Contract 3


Learn about the upcoming Confederation Way Sanitary Sewer Bypass - Phase 2

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Confederation way Sewer Bypass Project

In conjunction with Associated Engineering, the municipality is undertaking Phase 2 of the Confederation Way Sanitary Sewer Bypass Project. Phase 1 was undertaken in the Timberlea Bs area; that phase is complete. Phase 2 is an extension of Phase 1 and parallels Confederation Way between Prospect Drive and the wastewater treatment plant at 820 Memorial Drive.

There will be minimal impact to residents aside from higher traffic volumes along Confederation Way and Prospect Drive. Short term lane closures are expected for delivery of materials and equipment to site. The project uses open cut technology along Confederation Way with trenchless (under the road) crossings at Prospect Drive to minimize traffic disruption.

Existing walkways near the construction areas will be detoured at times but will not be closed.

Construction is scheduled from April through November in 2017. This is a multi-year project with further contracts announced as funding comes available.

For more information please call the Construction Helpdesk at 780-793-1054, email constructionhelpdesk@rmwb.ca or visit rmwb.ca/construction.

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