Replay: Sept. 15 report to Council on bypass project and recent sewage backups

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Archive: Timberlea Sewer Upgrades (2015)

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Map: Sanitary sewer locations

Location of sanitary sewers.

Map: Areas of road disturbance

Areas of road disturbance.

Map: Site clearing and laydown areas

Site clearing and laydown areas.

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Open House Presentation

This summer, there will be necessary construction activity in Timberlea to meet the growing needs of the sanitary sewer system in the neighbourhood.

In total, 3.3 kilometres of sanitary sewer pipe will be installed. These upgrades will prevent sewage backups, and keep things flowing how they should be.

The initial work includes tree-clearing activities. Tree clearing was expected to take two weeks. A tree-restoration plan has been developed and will be completed as part of the contract.

The work is not expected to cause excessive disturbance to the surrounding residents during construction. However, there will be an increase in the normal noise and construction traffic throughout the project.

Also, residents should be aware that trail closures will be implemented. Signage will be posted near affected trails. Please respect the construction fencing and site limits, and any traffic-control personnel in the vicinity.

For more information, call the Construction Helpdesk at 780-793-1054 or email

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