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RWSS Update

Notice: Conklin – Advisory of Construction Activity

Residents in the Conklin area may experience some disturbances from time to time as crews work on Rural Water and Sewer Servicing. Crews will minimize any impacts to residents.

Please be advised that workers may occasionally need to cross private property lines due to the location of utility lines and limited easements. All efforts will be made to advise homeowners of any disturbances in advance.

Your safety is our priority. Please observe all posted signage and avoid active work zones and equipment.

For any questions or concerns, please call 780-588-3735 or email

Janvier Tree Cleaning

Tree clearing activities are scheduled to begin in Janvier on or before Monday, Oct. 30, as part of the Rural Water and Sewer Servicing (RWSS) project.

Tree clearing will be completed on Municipal land and Rights of Way (ROW) only. No tree clearing will be done on private property.

Your safety is our priority. Please observe all posted signage and avoid active work zones and equipment.

Ensure water cleanliness until the piped system is built

On June 20, 2017, Council voted to finish the RWSS project as originally approved in 2014. This means that, pending unforeseen delays, residents will be able to connect to the new piped system starting in late 2019.

Until residents are able to connect to the system, water will continue to be trucked in and sewage hauled out. This water is guaranteed safe at the point of delivery. Here’s a reminder of how it works:

1. Clean drinking water is produced at a local water treatment plant. All water treatment plants meet the same quality standards.
2. This same water is put into trucks for delivery to your tanks. Water hauled by the Municipality is guaranteed to be safe at the point of delivery. Third-party haulers use a separate certification process to ensure safety.
3. Water goes from tank to tap. The municipality provides assistance with sampling water quality in tanks, advising on maintenance and answering questions about quality. Since your water tank is private property, its cleanliness is ultimately your responsibility.

If you are having concerns with water cleanliness or quality please give us a call at 780-598-6025 and we’ll help you out.

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