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Tower Road Snow Storage


Construction Update - Tower Road Snow Storage

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Gallery: Proposed Snow Storage Site Maps

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We’re developing a new snow storage site along Tower Road. The site will be located approximately four kilometres west of Thickwood Boulevard and will replace the current facility in Dickinsfield. The new snow storage area will help to meet the long-term snow storage requirements of Fort McMurray, while also meeting current environmental guidelines.

The new snow storage facility will incorporate the following features:

  • A hard-surfaced snow pad
  • The site will be lined with geosynthetic liner material to prevent contamination of the local groundwater
  • A snow melt pond that will improve the water quality leaving the site
  • Meltwater from the site will be discharged into the existing storm water system
  • The site will be surrounded by berms and a tree buffer to minimize visual impacts
  • The site will be fenced to prevent wildlife and unauthorized personnel from accessing the site
  • Tower Road shall be paved.

The site is currently in preliminary design stages and is proposed to be constructed in 2019 pending approvals.

WMZones and all subzones are active Nov. 13 - 16. Follow us here for regular updates.