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Find Parking Options: Public Lots

Map: North Side

North-Side Municipal Parking Lots

Map: South Side

South-Side Municipal Parking Lots


Municipal Parking Map: North
Municipal Parking Map: South

In addition to parking alternatives such as driveways, garages or even sharing a parking space with a neighbour or friend, there are a number of public parking lots that can be used on a daily basis while street cleaning or winter maintenance is scheduled for your neighbourhood. The maps on this page can be used to locate the lots listed below.

A few public lots are currently closed or in restricted areas following the wildfire. Mapping and parking options will be updated as these areas are re-opened for public use.

Residents are reminded to check signage in public parking lots, and that overnight parking is not permitted.

North Side

  • Timberlea Tennis Courts (Brett Drive)
  • Syncrude Athletic Park (Cartier Road)
  • Ross Hennigar Park (Thicket Drive)
  • Wood Buffalo Park (Williams Drive)

South Side

  • Off Highway Vehicle Parking Lot (Abasand Drive)
  • Marine Park (Prairie Loop Blvd)
  • Riedel Street Parking Lot (Prairie Loop Blvd)
  • Lions Park (Tolen Drive)
  • Borealis Park (Morrison Street)
  • Frank Lacoix Arena (Beaconwood Road)
  • Beacon Hill Dog Park (Beacon Hill Drive)