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FAQ: Transit Updates, March 2017

New: Printed Schedule Booklets

The new printed schedules booklets are now available at the following locations.

  • Jubilee Centre, 9909 Franklin Avenue
  • South Operations Centre (SOC), 140 Airport Road
  • Timberlea Landing, 309 Powder Drive

We’ve made more updates to transit schedules and routes effective March 31, 2017. If you have any questions that aren’t addressed below, contact us at our Transit Call Centre at 780-743-7931 or by email at transit@rmwb.ca.

Why did you change transit routes and schedules?

We have heard from residents through engagement sessions and from feedback at our Transit Call Centre (780-743-7931), and we know you want to get where you are going sooner. The updated routes and schedules were based on your feedback to create more direct routes and extended hours of service.

Have transit fares changed?

No. They have not. Our fare structure can be found on the Fares page.

Will transit continue to cover the same areas?

Our goal is to provide safe, efficient, reliable transit for all residents. Routes have changed but the same areas are covered.

Transit service is reviewed on an ongoing basis. Periodic updates will be made to address the needs of the community and based on feedback from residents.

What happened to the temporary transit stops around Confederation Way and Thickwood Boulevard?

In October 2016, stops for Route 15 (Timberlea Express) and Route 16 (Thickwood Express) were moved to adjacent residential streets to facilitate connections to other routes, avoid traffic disruptions along the main arteries and enhance safety for pedestrians, passengers and traffic.

Service on the Confederation Way/Thickwood Blvd. loop has been well received by the public, so we will continue to provide this service and make adjustments as required.

How long does it take to get to the airport on Municipal Transit?

The Airport Shuttle (Route 11) is designed to take 30 minutes to travel between the airport and the Main-and-Franklin terminal downtown in normal traffic conditions.

The transit system has been planned to get transit users to the Main and Franklin terminal downtown to allow for easy access to the Airport Shuttle, as well as make connections to other routes throughout the Fort McMurray area so all residents can use this service.

In September 2016, the Airport Shuttle route extended to the TaigaNova Industrial Park, providing more service to hotels in area.

Have there been any changes to the School Specials or regular School Service?

We’ve made several updates to high school and junior high school service to provide more service to more students. Check our School Special and School Service pages for routes and times.

Will transit be available in Abasand and Beacon Hill?

In September 2016, Route 4 began serving Abasand, Beacon Hill and Grayling Terrace. In December 2016, an additional run was added to this service in the morning and in the afternoon.

Will transit be available in Waterways?

Service was extended to Waterways and Longboat Landing via Route 91 (Downtown East) in December.

Will transit services operate in other areas affected by the wildfire, like Stonecreek or Wood Buffalo?

Transit still offers service in Stonecreek and Wood Buffalo, though we’ve made a few adjustments to schedules and route in those area. Please visit our Schedules page for routes and times.

Are there heated shelters along the new transit routes?

Yes, most of the updated routes continue to provide service to stops with heated shelters.

Are there any unused heated shelters?

Yes, recent route changes have made some heated shelters redundant.

We make service changes and updates approximately every three or four months as we evaluate ridership, feedback and residents’ needs. Shelters are evaluated on an ongoing basis to ensure all infrastructure is used in a sustainable manner with community needs in mind.

Has rural transit service changed?

Yes it has. We have improved rural transit by increasing service to Anzac. In effect since early February 2017, transit service from Anzac is now available on Tuesdays and Fridays. Rural transit is also available from Janvier on Tuesdays and Conklin on Fridays.

Are there tax credits available for transit passes?

For information about the Income Tax Credit for monthly adult, senior and student passes, as well as college student and semester passes, please visit the Canada Revenue Agency website.

Who can I contact for questions, feedback or concerns?

Residents are able to contact Transit Services:

  • Transit Call Centre Line: 780-743-7931, weekdays from 7:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.
  • Pulse Call Line: 780-743-7000 (evenings, weekends and holidays)
  • Email transit@rmwb.ca