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School Service: Regular Routes

Below are regular service routes where a specific high school can be found along the route. The times in the A.M. column are the arrival times of each bus at the school. The P.M. column shows the departure times at the end of the school day. If none of the regular city bus routes goes by your high school, a unique Special-Route School Service has been put in place for that school route.

To determine when you need to catch the bus to arrive at school on time, check the Transit Schedule and review the Monday to Friday schedule for the route you wish to ride. Your departure time will depend on where you live along the transit route.

For questions or more information, please contact 780-743-7931, weekdays from 7:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., or email transit@rmwb.ca.

Effective September 1, 2017

Composite High School

Route A.M. P.M.
10 Gregoire to Main 8:00 14:55
7 Abasand 7:58 14:55
8 Beacon Hill 7:58 14:53

École McTavish

Route A.M. P.M.
1 Main to Timberlea 8:31 15:31
9 Cartier Heights/Brett Drive 8:36
17 Timberlea/Thickwood Local 8:25
41 Stone Creek/Eagle Ridge 8:22 15:22

Father Patrick Mercredi High School

Route A.M. P.M.
2 Main to Thickwood 8:32 16:02
61 Thickwood 8:40 16:10

Holy Trinity High School

Route A.M. P.M.
1 Main to Timberlea 8:05 15:35
41 Stone Creek/Eagle Ridge 7:54 15:00
9 Cartier Heights/Brett Drive 7:50 15:00

Westwood Community High School

Route A.M. P.M.
2 Main to Thickwood 7:37 15:07
51 Wood Buffalo 7:49