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Taxi in Wood Buffalo

Taking a taxi in Wood Buffalo

The Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo has developed a list of responsibilities and rights for taxi cab chauffeurs and passengers.

To learn more, please click the topics below, or download and print our information brochure.

  1. Passengers rights & responsibilities:

  2. Taxi service obligations:

  3. A taxi cab chauffeur may not refuse services to:

  4. Your taxi shall be:

  5. A taxi cab chauffeur can refuse to carry a passenger who:

  6. What to look for when hiring a cab?

    Cab Fares, Licensing and Chauffeur Permits

    Contact the Municipality’s taxi licensing clerks at 780-788-4212, 780-788-8333 or 780-788-4020.

    A surcharge can only be levied when a customer requests a station wagon or van. The taxi cab chauffeur or dispatcher must advise the customer of additional surcharges upon any request for services


    Contact the Bylaw Services Branch Complaint line: 780-788-4200

    WMZones: Subzones 3 & 4 are active Dec. 10 - 14. Follow us here for regular updates.