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Transit Master Plan

Map: A Vision for 2040

Map: A public transit vision for 2040

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We’re working on a bold new vision for transit that will get our region moving! After engaging with the public in Sept. – Oct. 2015, we’re reviewing the feedback and developing a Transit Master Plan. The Transit Master Plan is a living, strategic document with a 25 year vision of transit in the Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo.

Stay tuned for updates and for the release of the Transit Master Plan in the coming months.


While it is early in the process, it is clear that the ultimate goal is to move as many people as possible via transit; we want public transit to be the desired choice for commuters within the region.

Our ridership numbers reflect that the transit system hasn’t delivered the service our region deserves. So, we’ve grabbed the wheel and are steering towards a better service.

In fall 2015, we talked to residents of Wood Buffalo at a number of engagement sessions throughout the region and through an online survey held from Sept. 3 – 30. The input we gathered provided decision-makers with satisfaction levels, usage trends and expectations of the public.

Currently, we are reviewing the feedback you gave us and using your ideas to help develop a master plan for transit in the Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo. The Transit Master Plan will guide transit service delivery and infrastructure over the next 25 years as we move people throughout the region.

The Transit Master Plan will provide a foundation for decision makers for the development of transit in the region, including:

  • Infrastructure
    • Terminal Location
      • New terminals throughout the urban service area that will function as exchange hubs for rapid, frequent, regional express and local transit routes
    • Transit Vehicles
      • Investing in new buses and fleet
      • Possible double-decker buses to be used on rapid transit routes
      • Alternative vehicle options to connect Fort Chipewyan with the rest of the region year-round
    • Technology
      • Intelligent Transportation System (ITS)
      • Electronic Fare Management
      • Real-time monitoring
      • Improved information access for users
      • Automated passenger counters
      • Next-stop notification
  • Service Delivery
    • Proposed new routes
      • Rapid Transit to run at high frequency through the downtown core
      • Regional Express will connect communities across the region
    • Frequency
      • Increased frequency to increase convenience and reduce transit times
    • Destinations
      • Increased service to popular destinations such as the airport, Keyano College, hospital and industrial sites

Survey and Public Engagement Sessions

Thank you to everyone who filled out a survey and had their say about transit during the public engagement process.

The Municipality conducted a number of public engagement in fall 2015 to gather input and share information with residents about transit in the region. The following is a summary of engagement activities and timeframe.

Online Survey

An online survey was available to all residents from Sept. 3 – 30, 2015. In total, there were 928 surveys completed.

Engagement Sessions

Fort McMurray Sept. 8, 2015

Janvier Sept. 9, 2015

Saprae Creek Sept. 9, 2015

Anzac Sept. 10, 2015

Conklin Sept. 24, 2015

Fort McKay Sept. 30, 2015

Fort Chipewyan Sept. 2, 2015 Oct. 1, 2015

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