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Social Procurement Pilot Project

In September, Council approved the Social Procurement Pilot Project, taking steps to be the first Municipality in Alberta to move forward with a Social Procurement Framework.

In late September, the Municipality issued its first Social Procurement contract, in partnership with the Centre of Hope. The contract, which is due to be awarded in early November, is the first in a series within the pilot project.

As a result of the RMWB’s first Social Request for Quotes (RFQ), the Municipality will be awarding an urban snow clearing contract. As part of the RFQ, the RMWB rewarded vendors who were willing to create work opportunities for recently housed, formerly homeless people. This is the first time that a public sector Social RFQ has been issued in the Province of Alberta.

This urban snow clearing contract presented a high social value opportunity. Price, Capability and Social Value were equally valued and weighted at 33 points each.

It’s important for vendors to note that not all contract opportunities will have equal weight placed on Price, Capability and Social Value. Weightings will vary from zero to 33 points depending on the type of work and contract opportunity. The RMWB received no resistance from the marketplace to the new process, which was posted publicly on Alberta Purchasing Connection (APC), a government procurement portal. The pilot received six compliant bids, including from out of province.

Social Procurement Stakeholder Engagement Opportunities

The roll-out of Social Procurement continues through November with a series of design labs. Business owners and social profits are encouraged to register and contribute to creating a "Made in Wood Buffalo" approach to improving lives and stimulating inclusive economic growth across the region.

Follow the links below to register for the session that's right for you:

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