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Notice: Business Licensing Changes

Business Licensing Available Online

Business licence applications and renewals are now available via the Regional Municipality's online E-Permitting System. To prevent licensing delays, ensure all applicable permits and approvals are in place prior to applying for a Business Licence.

The Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo would like to advise business owners that we are transferring our business licences into our e-permitting system, which went live late spring 2016. In order to provide each business adequate time to reapply, we are extending this year’s expiry date. All existing business owners will not receive an annual invoice this year. Furthermore, the Municipality will contact current business licence holders directly regarding the new application process in the coming months.

System Changeover Information

As of late April 2016, our Business Licensing system moved into our E-permitting program. We will be creating new licences for all businesses throughout the municipality and each business will have a new licence number and annual expiry date, based on when your particular licence is (re)issued. Please note, current licences will not be expired automatically in 2016, businesses will be contacted with instructions on when and how you can obtain your new licence. Valid licences currently in effect for the 2015-2016 will be carried over until your required application date. The only cashiers that will be involved with processing payments for Business Licensing going forward will be those located at Timberlea Landing. Any enquiries made at the other buildings to the cashiers will be directed to us here for action. In most cases clients will be using the E-permitting system and paying online, however if you wish to apply and pay in person you will need to do so at our Timberlea Landing location only (309 Powder Drive).

What to do if your Licence is not Valid or is Expired

All licences for the 2015 year that have not been paid in full as of now have been expired in our current system. The only way to reactivate an expired licence now is in person at Timberlea Landing (309 Powder Drive). Clients must come to the front counter there first to get the licence reactivated and then we can accept payment here. The only cashiers that can accept payment on these old licences are the staff located in Timberlea Landing.

WMZ Subzones 3 & 4 are active: March 18 - 22.  Follow us here for regular updates.