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Safety Codes Services

The Safety Codes Services branch of the Planning and Development department offers one-stop shopping for all construction permitting and inspections. The branch provides the services and advice essential to see the safe and successful completion of construction and renovation projects.

Permit Fee Exemptions

As of Nov. 7, 2016, all permit fees and Safety Code levies associated with rebuilding structures destroyed as a result of the 2016 wildfire were no longer be required for in-person applications. Fee exemption for E-Permitting applications is available by selecting the Wildfire Fee Exemption option in the online application. [Learn More]

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Occupancy Permit Application

Occupancy Permit Fee Schedule

The Safety Codes Services branch is the approving authority for all construction, renovations or additions of any buildings in the Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo. The branch administers provincial safety codes legislation and construction codes. Its job includes the review and processing of building, electrical, gas, plumbing, gas appliance ventilation and private sewage permit applications, permit issuance and the inspections of completed work.

Types of Safety Codes Permits

Building, electrical, plumbing, gas, gas appliance ventilation and private sewage permits are issued and inspected by the Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo.

Safety Codes Council Levy

A levy is collected on each permit issued and given to the Alberta Safety Codes Council. The permit levies structure for building, plumbing, gas and electrical permits will be a minimum of $4.50 or four per cent of the permit cost (whichever is greater up to a maximum of $560.00).


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