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Development Permits

A Development Permit is a document issued by a planner in the Planning and Development Department. Before some work can commence, development approval must be granted by the Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo under its Land Use Bylaw authorizing development, including excavation, stockpiling, building additions and a change in use or intensity of the use of the land or building, to proceed.

These permits are required when the construction is for a new building, when there will be changes done to the exterior of an existing building or construction will result in a change of use.

Please note that if you plan to do any of the projects on the following list, you may need to apply for a Development Permit before you apply to any other permits. There are no refunds on permits that are applied for without first having Development approval.

  • build or relocate a home
  • build/occupy an office
  • build an accessory building (e.g. deck/shed/playhouse/garage)
  • demolish a structure
  • locate/relocate a manufactured home
  • start a home business
  • start renovations
  • relocate a business
  • put up a sign

If someone other than the owner is applying for a building permit, we require a Letter of Authorization from the owner of the property or the lessee and all contractors require a valid business licence for the Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo.

Please contact Planning and Development for further information. Additional information such as construction details, site maps and business details will be required to make the proper evaluation of your development. You can submit an inquiry at or call Planning and Development at 780-799- 8695.

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