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Safety Codes Document Library

Document Name Last Update
Annual Electrical Permit Application 10/2016
Annual Electrical Permit Fee Schedule 12/2014
Building Drawing Requirements 12/2014
Basic Building Permit Application 10/2016
Building Permit Application Checklist (Accessory Structure) 06/2017
Building Permit Application Checklist (Basement Development) 11/2016
Building Permit Application Checklist (Basement Suite) 11/2016
Building Permit Application Checklist (Deck) 11/2016
Building Permit Application Checklist (Single Family Dwelling) 05/2018
Building Permit Application Checklist (Commercial) 12/2014
Building Permit Fee Schedule (Residential) 04/2013
Building Permit Fee Schedule (Commercial) 04/2013
Declaration of Homeowner for Permit 12/2014
Declaration of Owner for Propane Variance Request 07/2016
Electrical Permit Application 10/2016
Electrical Permit Fee Schedule (Residential) 04/2013
Electrical Permit Fee Schedule (Commercial) 04/2013
Energy Codes Worksheet 11/2016
Fencing During Construction & Demolition 07/2016
Fire Alarm Permit Application Checklist 11/2016
Gas Code Variance Enforcement (July 2016) 07/2016
Gas Installation Safety 07/2013
Gas Permit Application 10/2016
Gas Permit Fee Schedule (Residential) 04/2013
Gas Fired Appliances Used For Heating Building Under Construction 01/2018
Gas Permit Fee Schedules (Commercial) 04/2013
Hot Tub Application Checklist 01/2018
Inspection Request Form 12/2014
Mobile and Manufactured Homes Checklist 12/2014
Permit Fee Refund Application 01/2017
Plumbing Permit Application 10/2016
Plumbing Permit Fee Schedule 04/2013
Private Sewage Permit Application 10/2016
Private Sewage Permit Fee Schedule 04/2013
Residential Water Metering Standard 09/2012
Sample Drawings 12/2014
Sewage Holding Tank Location Map 12/2014
Solid-Fuel-Burning Appliance Information 12/2014
Sump Pump To Sanitary Connection Application 01/2018
Swimming Pool Checklist 12/2014
Tank Set Location Map 12/2014
Variance Application 12/2014
Ventilation Permit Application 10/2016
Ventilation Permit Fee Schedule 04/2013
When to Call for Commercial Inspections 01/2017

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