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The Sounds of Wood Buffalo

The Sounds of Wood Buffalo are familiar to many listeners of local radio stations as important messages from the Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo.

Produced using the talents of the municipality's own employees, new radio spots are released frequently.

You can download a selection of most-recent spots using the links below and listen to them using your favourite MP3 audio player.

The Sounds of Wood Buffalo (MP3 Audio)
Air Date Subject
12/14/2015 Sounds icon RMWB - Season's Greetings
12/14/2015 Sounds icon RMWB - Holiday Fire Safety Message
10/19/2015 Sounds icon RMWB - Winter Maintenance Zones
10/01/2015 Sounds icon RMWB - Fort Chipewyan
0826/2015 Sounds icon RMWB - Fall Clean up
08/26/2015 Sounds icon RMWB - Movie in the Park
08/05/2015 Sounds icon RMWB - WCSG
07/22/2015 Sounds icon RMWB Penny Carnival
07/14/2015 Sounds icon RMWB Penny Carnival
07/07/2015 Sounds icon RMWB Everybody's Birthday Party
07/01/2015 Sounds icon RMWB Canada Day
06/29/2015 Sounds icon RMWB Summer Programs
06/05/2015 Sounds icon RMWB Canada Day
06/18/2015 Sounds icon RMWB Fire Department Breakfast
06/16/2015 Sounds icon RMWB Urban Market
06/17/2015 Sounds icon RMWB Urban Market
06/03/2015 Sounds icon RMWB Fire Smart
03/17/2015 Sounds icon RMWB Fire Smart
05/27/2015 Sounds icon RMWB E-Waste
05/26/2015 Sounds icon RMWB E-waste
03/17/2015 Sounds icon RMWB Show N Shine
05/17/2015 Sounds icon RMWB Show N Shine
05/11/2015 Sounds icon Long Weekend
05/01/2015 Sounds icon Fire Safety
03/17/2015 Sounds icon By-Election
03/02/2015 Sounds icon Census Awareness
03/02/2015 Sounds icon By-Election
02/27/2015 Sounds icon Property Assessment
02/19/2015 Sounds icon TAGS Symposium
02/18/2015 Sounds icon Winterplay - Jubilee Plaza
02/18/2015 Sounds icon Winterplay - Snye
02/11/2015 Sounds icon Water Meter Upgrades
02/01/2015 Sounds icon Anzac Council Engagement
01/17/2015 Sounds icon Call for submissions: Words in Motion poetry
01/12/2015 Sounds icon Waterways Community Centre Engagement
01/10/2015 Sounds icon 2015 Big Spirit Grants
12/26/2014 Sounds icon Christmas Message
12/15/2015 Sounds icon Christmas Tree Drop Off
12/15/2015 Sounds icon RMWB Fire Safety
12/15/2014 Sounds icon RMWB Safety Codes
11/19/2014 Sounds icon RMWB Santa Claus Parade 3
11/19/2014 Sounds icon RMWB Santa Claus Parade 2
11/19/2014 Sounds icon RMWB Santa Claus Parade 1
11/15/2014 Sounds icon Pulse - Pingstreet App
11/15/2014 Sounds icon Pulse - Call line
11/17/2014 Sounds icon Water Meter Upgrades
11/12/2014 Sounds icon Water Meter Upgrades
11/5/2014 Sounds icon Waterfront Steering Committee
11/3/2014 Sounds icon Tax Non Profit Organisation
11/30/2014 Sounds icon Santa Claus Parade
11/15/2014 Sounds icon Nominate Your Neighbour (Winter)
10/24/2014 Sounds icon Animal Control Licensing
10/28/2014 Sounds icon Snow & Ice Control Program
10/14/2014 Sounds icon Pulse PingStreet App
10/13/2014 Sounds icon Boards and Committees
10/14/2014 Sounds icon Pulse WB - Call line
10/08/2014 Sounds icon Grayling Terrace Open House
10/08/2014 Sounds icon Thanksgiving Urban Market4
10/06/2014 Sounds icon Thanksgiving Urban Market3
10/07/2014 Sounds icon Thanksgiving Urban Market2
10/06/2014 Sounds icon Thanksgiving Urban Market1
10/17/2014 Sounds icon Animal Services
09/26/2014 Sounds icon RMWB - Ignite2
09/22/2014 Sounds icon RMWB - Ignite1
09/29/2014 Sounds icon Fire Prevention Week
09/19/2014 Sounds icon Alberta Culture Days
09/23/2014 Sounds icon Urban Market Culture Days3
09/24/2014 Sounds icon Urban Market Culture Days2
09/22/2014 Sounds icon Urban Market Culture Days1
09/17/2014 Sounds icon Water Meter Upgrades
09/12/2014 Sounds icon Traffic Delays Half Marathon
09/12/2014 Sounds icon Firebag Riverbag Bridge
09/17/2014 Sounds icon Pulse - PingStreet App2
09/17/2014 Sounds icon Pulse - PingStreet App1
09/09/2014 Sounds icon Waterfront Steering Committee
09/03/2014 Sounds icon Fall Community Clean up
08/25/2014 Sounds icon Artist Urban Market
08/25/2014 Sounds icon Artist Urban Market
08/25/2014 Sounds icon Artist Urban Market
08/25/2014 Sounds icon Water Meter Upgrades
08/25/2014 Sounds icon PULSE Call line
08/25/2014 Sounds icon PULSE Call line
08/25/2014 Sounds icon Artist in Residency
08/22/2014 Sounds icon Transit Schedule Effective August 31,2014
08/17/2014 Sounds icon Come out for some Movies in the Park August 22 and 23
08/13/2014 Sounds icon Multicultural Market
08/12/2014 Sounds icon Multicultural Market
08/11/2014 Sounds icon Multicultural Market
08/09/2014 Sounds icon Classic Car Show August 9 at the Frank Lacroix Arena
07/25/2014 Sounds icon Nominations for the Citizen Recognition Program close Sept. 30.
07/25/2014 Sounds icon Positive Ticketing for Children and Youths: Get Caught Wearing Your Bicycle Helmet
07/22/2014 Sounds icon The next Big Spirit Grant Application Deadline is August 19
07/22/2014 Sounds icon Communities in Bloom: Nominate Your Neighbour
07/04/2014 Sounds icon Wood Buffalo Artist in Residency Program Open House July 12
06/13/2014 Sounds icon Canada Day 2014: The Parade
06/13/2014 Sounds icon Canada Day 2014: Fireworks
06/13/2014 Sounds icon Canada Day 2014: Family Fun
06/09/2014 Sounds icon Urban Market Ad #2
06/09/2014 Sounds icon Urban Market Ad #1
06/09/2014 Sounds icon Open house: Saline Creek Water Supply Line
06/07/2014 Sounds icon Fort McMurray Fire Department Pancake Breakfast June 14
06/04/2014 Sounds icon Wood Buffalo Transit is now on Google Maps
06/02/2014 Sounds icon Timberlea Spray Park Engagement June 4
05/30/2014 Sounds icon Property Tax Notices Mailed
05/20/2014 Sounds icon Public Works "Show & Shine" Event May 24
05/15/2014 Sounds icon Graffiti Wipe Out Events
05/15/2014 Sounds icon Campfire Safety
05/12/2014 Sounds icon 2014 Diversity Summit, Wednesday, May 21
05/05/2014 Sounds icon Home Fire Safety
05/02/2014 Sounds icon Landlord and Tenant Advisory
04/24/2014 Sounds icon River Breakup IV
04/24/2014 Sounds icon River Breakup III
04/02/2014 Sounds icon River Breakup II
04/02/2014 Sounds icon River Breakup I
04/24/2014 Sounds icon Highway CleanUp
04/21/2014 Sounds icon Prairie Loop Blvd Engagement
04/11/2014 Sounds icon Tree Doctors
03/27/2014 Sounds icon Animal Waste
03/27/2014 Sounds icon Affordable Housing
03/27/2014 Sounds icon Power Centre Open House
03/24/2014 Sounds icon Thin Ice
03/21/2014 Sounds icon Black Knot
03/21/2014 Sounds icon Bike Park
02/28/2014 Sounds icon Tax Assessment
02/28/2014 Sounds icon Dutch Elm Disease
02/21/2014 Sounds icon SCAN
02/09/2014 Sounds icon Winterplay Ad
02/09/2014 Sounds icon Winterplay - King and Queen
02/03/2014 Sounds icon Winterplay - Hockey
02/01/2014 Sounds icon Words in Motion
01/13/2014 Sounds icon Fort Chipewyan Mayor Council Meeting Ceremony
01/13/2014 Sounds icon Promo Ad: Male voice
01/13/2014 Sounds icon Promo Ad - Female voice

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