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Council’s Budget Workshops completed – Final Budget expected Feb. 27

(Fort McMurray, AB – February 9, 2018) – Municipal budget workshops finished on Friday with net reductions of approximately $525K in addition to the $29M in reductions that were presented in the 2018 Proposed Budget prior to the budget workshops. 

The final budget is scheduled to be presented to Council for their review and voting on Feb. 27.

Thank you to all of those community groups who presented for the Community Investment Program, and to those who watched the sessions in Council Chamber or online. 

At the final budget meeting anticipated for Feb. 27, residents will have another opportunity to speak to Council about the budget through the delegation process.

Stay tuned for updates on the Feb. 27 Council meeting by following us on social media, at rmwb.ca/council, or contact Pulse at 780-743-7000 or rmwb.ca/pulse


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