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Media Releases

“My Hero” Art in Motion Exhibit Now on Display at McMurray Experience

(Fort McMurray, AB – November 28, 2016) – Residents and visitors are invited to see the heroes of local artists showcased in the Art in Motion display at McMurray Experience.

“The phrase ‘My Hero’ carries a lot of weight, particularly in our community,” said Liana Wheeldon, Membership & Engagement Manager for Arts Council Wood Buffalo. “It is exciting to me that our local artists created pieces that speak to so many different aspects of defining this word and made our selection process a challenge. We are sure that you will find your hero represented in the My Hero exhibit.”

Artwork currently on display was created using a variety of materials such as pastel, rice and paint. The artists whose work was selected are Austan Najmi-Beauchamp, Malja Najmi-Beauchamp, Dave Ball, Ederlyn Mcguigan, and Kenneth Gaudier.

The art will be on display until late January, after which a new exhibit entitled “Into the Wild” will be installed. For more details about Art in Motion, please visit www.rmwb.ca/artinmotion.

McMurray Experience, located at Jubilee Plaza (9909 Franklin Ave), is open Wednesday to Sunday from 8:30am to 9:00pm. To learn more about McMurray Experience, please visit www.rmwb.ca/mme.


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