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Media Releases

Bylaw Services Weekly Update: Dec. 19-25, 2016

(Fort McMurray, AB – December 16, 2016) – The holiday season is often filled with delicious, indulgent meals that can create by-products of fat, oil and grease (FOG). It may seem harmless to pour FOG down the drain, but improper disposal can cause serious issues like clogged pipes, reduced plumbing flow, odour and even cause sewer backups — the results can be costly.

There are a number of ways to reduce the impacts of FOG on your pipes and the municipal sewer system:

Keep a can handy: Keep an empty can in your kitchen and pour FOG into it, allow to cool before throwing away.

Wipe before washing: For greasy pans, pour off excess grease and wipe off prior to washing.

Seal the oil: Mix FOG with an absorbent material such as cat litter or coffee grounds in a sealable container before throwing away.

Protect your drain: Use sink strainers to prevent food particles from entering your drain.

Strain your cooking oil: Strain or filter oil in deep fryers to extend the life of the cooking oil.

Find out more about FOG at rmwb.ca/fog.

Photo radar vehicles will be located near the following areas for week of Dec. 19-25, 2016:
•    Timberline Drive.
•    Prospect Drive
•    Cartier Road
•    Highway 63 between Morrison Street and Sakitawaw Trail
•    Thickwood Boulevard
•    Confederation Way
 To view a list of photo radar locations, please visit rmwb.ca/photoradar.

DriveSafe Intersection Safety Systems are active at the following intersections:
•    Thickwood Boulevard and Silin Forest Road
•    Thickwood Boulevard and Woodland Drive
•    Thickwood Boulevard and Cornwall Drive
•    Thickwood Boulevard and Real Martin Drive
•    Franklin Avenue and Tamarack Village Mall
•    Franklin Avenue and Hospital Street
•    Confederation Way and Paquette Drive

We ask motorists to be mindful of posted speed limits and to obey traffic signals.


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WMZones: Subzones 3 & 4 are active Dec. 17 - 21. Follow us here for regular updates.