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Media Releases

Bylaw Services Weekly Update: Jan. 23-29, 2017

(Fort McMurray, AB – January 20, 2017) – Residents are reminded that the removal of windrows at the end of their driveways remains the responsibility of the resident. This approach has been modelled on best practices from other municipalities in Alberta.

Windrows are the long, low ridges of snow accumulation along roadsides created when crews perform snow plowing. Residents are encouraged to clear snow from their driveway a short time after snowfall or road maintenance as sub-zero temperatures are common and can make snow harder to clear as the temperatures drop.

With the recent fluctuating temperatures, we encourage residents to remove snow and ice from their sidewalks to ensure they’re clear and safe for pedestrians. Find out more about sidewalk snow and ice clearing at rmwb.ca/sidewalks.

For more information about snow removal through the Winter Maintenance Zones program, visit rmwb.ca/WMZ.

Photo radar vehicles will be located near the following areas for week of Jan. 23-29, 2017:

  • Hardin Street
  • Dominion Drive
  • Thickwood Boulevard
  • Limestone Link 
  • Highway 63 between Confederation Way and Saprae Creek Trail (formerly Highway 69)
  • School Zones within the Urban Service Area

To view a list of photo radar locations, please visit rmwb.ca/photoradar.

DriveSafe Intersection Safety Systems are active at the following intersections:

  • Thickwood Boulevard and Silin Forest Road
  • Thickwood Boulevard and Woodland Drive
  • Thickwood Boulevard and Cornwall Drive 
  • Thickwood Boulevard and Real Martin Drive
  • Franklin Avenue and Tamarack Village Mall
  • Franklin Avenue and Hospital Street
  • Confederation Way and Paquette Drive

We ask motorists to be mindful of posted speed limits and to obey traffic signals.


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WMZones: Subzones 3 & 4 are active Dec. 17 - 21. Follow us here for regular updates.