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Media Releases

Fort Chipewyan Winter Road Load Limit Reduced to 5,000 kg

(Fort McMurray, AB – March 4, 2017) – Due to repairs on a section of the Fort Chipewyan Winter Road, the load limit has been reduced to 5,000 kg, effective immediately.

Crews are expected to arrive on-site this afternoon to begin repairs. The load limit is expected to return to 45,000 kg once the repair is completed. The public will be notified when the load limit changes.

All municipal winter roads and trails are being monitored and updates will be provided as available based on weather conditions.

Please obey all posted signage and use caution when passing equipment on the road – maximum 30 km/h is advised. Motorists are also encouraged to test their brakes after travelling through freshly flooded crossings.

High clearance 4x4 vehicles are recommended. The delta area has rough sections so reduce speed and drive to conditions.

There are no regular services like road patrol, gas stations or cell phone coverage, so always be prepared for emergencies.

Updates will be provided regularly as required. Check the following sources for the latest information:


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