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Media Releases

Hazardous trees identified by residents to be removed this summer

(Fort McMurray, AB – June 26, 2017) – Hazardous trees identified by residents in areas affected by the 2016 Horse River Wildfire will be removed this summer. The trees will be removed, where possible, by hand and, in most areas, no new mulch will be created during removal.

This work follows the hazardous tree removal project which was completed this spring in Abasand, Beacon Hill, Thickwood, Wood Buffalo and Waterways.

Additional hazardous tree removal will take place in the following areas, which were identified by residents:

Abasand – near Arsenault Crescent and Athabasca Avenue
Waterways – near Pearson Drive and Ptarmigan Park
Grayling Terrace – behind Goodwin Place, Gipsy Place and Garson Place
Wood Buffalo – behind J.W. Mann Drive
Anzac – near the Anzac Recreation Centre

Trees are being inspected by certified forestry experts before they are removed. In some cases, more trees may be selected for removal based on the on-site inspections.

If all trees in a certain area meet the criteria for hazardous tree removal, they will all be removed. Every effort is being made to preserve as much of the natural forested area as possible.

Removal of hazardous trees will improve community safety and will promote the healthy regeneration of the natural forested area. 

Already, more than 76,000 seedlings have been planted in areas where hazardous tree removal occurred and there are plans to continue these efforts in the future. 

Residents are encouraged to continue to report hazardous trees by emailing recovery@rmwb.ca. Find more information online at rmwb.ca/trees.