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Media Releases

Municipality announces increases to utility fees beginning in September

(Fort McMurray, AB – June 28, 2017) – At their meeting on June 27, Council adopted the proposed amendment to the Utility Rates Bylaw No. 10/001, including a 10% increase to utility fees, a $14/month curbside recycling charge, and other adjustments to user fees.

“The Municipality has been offering utilities – water, wastewater, and solid waste services – to residents at a highly discounted rate,” said Travis Kendel, Manager, Water Treatment Services. “The current utility rates are no longer sustainable given the economic downturn, decreasing industrial use of these municipal services and ongoing inflation. An adjustment is needed so these services can be sustainable into the future.”

Administration presented to Council on Tuesday night to recommend an increase to utility rates to shift fees to the individual user and away from the municipal tax base. The recommendation included a 10% increase to residential and commercial utility rates, and a $14/month curbside recycling charge to be incorporated into user fees where those services exist. 

For solid waste services, the Municipality has only been charging for waste collection and disposal; residents have not been charged for curbside recycling services, which have been provided since 2013.

Residents can expect to see this change on their utility bills once the new utility rates take effect in September 2017.

An information campaign will be launched in August to raise awareness and provide residents with the information they need to adjust to new utility rates.

Visit rmwb.ca/council for more details about the utility rates bylaw amendment.


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