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Media Releases

Outdoor Skating Rinks Begin to Open in Wood Buffalo

(Fort McMurray, AB – December 16, 2016) – Get your stick on the ice, Wood Buffalo. The Municipality has begun to open outdoor rinks for public skating and hockey.

The rink at Syncrude Athletic Park opened today, as well as a number of rinks throughout Fort McMurray including those in Gregoire, Timberlea and Thickwood.

We know you’ve been itching to get out on the ice. Though not all rinks are open yet, residents can visit rmwb.ca/rinks for regular updates on specific rinks throughout Fort McMurray and rural communities.

Weather conditions have caused some delays in opening the rinks this year, though crews are working hard to flood and perform routine annual maintenance to get the rinks ready for safe use.

Please note that the outdoor rink in Anzac has closed. Residents are invited to visit the Anzac Recreation Centre, which boasts an NHL-sized arena. Find out more at anzacrec.ca.

Residents are reminded that rinks will be closed for an hour a day for flooding and regular maintenance – signage will be posted at each rink.


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