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Thanksgiving Reminder: Fat, Oil and Grease Don’t Go Down the Drain

(Fort McMurray, AB – October 7, 2016) – As Thanksgiving approaches and friends and family gather to celebrate, the Municipality is encouraging residents to avoid putting any fat, oil and grease down their drains.

“I’d like to wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving on behalf of Regional Council,” said Mayor Melissa Blake. “With so very much to be grateful for this year, a traditional feast at Thanksgiving certainly gives us a chance to reflect on what we are most thankful for.”

After enjoying delicious traditional feasts, residents are reminded to be conscious of what goes down the drain while cleaning up. What many people may not realize is that what we put down our drains can have a significant impact on our homes, businesses, the environment and infrastructure that is vital to our community.

Fat, oil and grease – also known as FOG – are by-products of cooking at home and in commercial businesses, and are often part our everyday routine. It may seem harmless to pour FOG down the drain after cooking, but it can cause serious problems after it has had some time to build up. Your drain doesn’t simply end at your property line. Drains are connected to sewer systems throughout the region.

Pouring FOG down the drain can clog pipes, reduce plumbing flow, create odour and even cause sewer backups. The results can be very costly for property owners, as well as have a significant impact on tax dollars through ongoing repair and maintenance of underground infrastructure.

FOG can be found in meats, food scraps, baked goods, sauces, gravy, lard, margarine, butter, salad dressing, dairy products and more.

Find out more about FOG and learn some simple habits you can incorporate into your daily routine to reduce the negative impacts at rmwb.ca/fog.


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