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RMWB Wildfire Recovery Information

The Municipality, in partnership with the Wood Buffalo Recovery Committee (WBRC), is pleased to announce the results of the Waterways survey, which ran from Thursday, Sept. 8, 2016 – Friday, Sept. 30, 2016.

Residents of Waterways were asked to indicate which of the three rebuild options, if any, was the preferred choice. Options included:

  • Status Quo: rebuild as close to how it was as possible, which would include flood mitigation and land use concerns.
  • Internal Land Swap: rebuild in Waterways but not necessarily to the same lot and land specifications as before. This option comes with historic issues related to the Industrial Minerals Salt Plant land as well as slope stability issues; this land would need to be serviced and lot subdivisions may occur.
  • External Land Swap: rebuild outside of Waterways and not necessarily to the same lot and land specifications as before. This option would only apply for the lots located within the flood plain, as well as the 46 vacant lots located outside of the flood plain that have slope stability issues; this land would need to be serviced.

The above three options are a result of the WBRC’s initial review and were presented as a first step towards gathering feedback from residents. The Municipality recognizes that there may be other options, and as part of the survey, encouraged Waterways residents to share other potential options for consideration.

Upon close of the survey, 146 surveys had been completed. Below are the results:

Option Respondents * %
Status Quo 99 68
Internal Land Swap 5 3
External Land Swap 10 7
Other - Buyout 29 20
Other - No offer chosen or offered 3 2

(*) Variances in survey results may have occurred as a result of: residents submitting responses to the survey more than once, residents submitting a response to more than one of the above options, residents from the same household submitting a different response to the above options, and less than half of the residents responding to the survey.

A fourth option, buyout, was presented by residents. The Municipality will continue to explore this option to determine what such a program will look like and to fully understand the financial implications of the option.

The results of this survey will be formally presented to the WBRC on Wednesday, Oct. 5, 2016, for their consideration. This feedback will help Committee members understand priorities identified by the residents of Waterways and assist in making policy recommendations on how to proceed with the Waterways recovery.

More information about the Wood Recovery Committee can be found at rmwb.ca/WBRC.

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