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RMWB Wildfire Recovery Information

Alberta Health Services has confirmed that water quality for communities south and east of Beacon Hill Place has been restored to safe levels and as a result the boil water advisory has been lifted for the areas effective immediately.

The boil water advisory has been lifted for the neighbourhoods of Gregoire, Mackenzie Park, Prairie Creek Residential, Saline Creek, Saline Plateau, Airport Lands, Saprae Creek Estates, and Spruce Valley Estates.

This follows earlier announcements that the boil water advisory had been lifted for the Lower Townsite area, Grayling Terrace, Thickwood, Wood Buffalo, Dickinsfield, Timberlea, Stone Creek and Parsons Creek North. 

The boil water advisory remains in place for the following areas:

  • Abasand
  • Beacon Hill
  • Waterways
  • Gregoire Lake Provincial Park
  • Gregoire Lake Estates
  • Anzac Truckfill

Residents in areas where the boil water advisory has been lifted should flush, clean and sanitize their water systems using the specific flushing procedures outlined in the Boil Water Advisory Information for Fort McMurray Residents document, which is available online at ahs.ca/wildfire.

This information, as well as additional background on the municipal water supply, is also available at the Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo’s Boil Water Advisory Status page, rmwb.ca/boil.

For the latest information on the status of the boil water advisory, please visit the AHS website at ahs.ca/wildfire or the Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo at rmwb.ca/boil

Individuals uncertain whether the boil water advisory remains in effect in their area are encouraged to view the boil water advisory map(s) provided by AHS.

Further updates will be announced in due course as water quality is confirmed as safe in additional areas.

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All Winter Maintenance Zones are relaxed until further notice.