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RMWB Wildfire Recovery Information

As part of continued efforts to support community recovery, the Municipality has issued an Order to Remedy Dangers and Unsightly Property. This Order will be a vital tool in allowing residents to plan for the future and will speed the process of demolition and debris removal.

The Order has been issued to the owners of every structure that was irreparably damaged or destroyed by the May 2016 wildfire.

The Order is a necessary next step in the recovery process, as it will allow the community to move forward together with a common sense of direction. It provides owners of impacted properties a timeline to decide upon their own course of action, while giving the municipality the ability to protect the safety of residents during the intensive period of demolition and clean-up that is to come.

Because of the practical difficulty of locating and directly contacting 2,000 property owners to personally serve the Orders, the Minister of Municipal Affairs issued a “Ministerial Order” allowing the Municipality to serve Orders by way of a Notice posted on the Municipal website. Property owners can find if an Order has been issued for their property online. A copy of the Order will also be mailed to the person shown on the Municipal tax roll as the owner of the property.

If an Order has been issued for a property, the owner(s) will need to take a number of steps to meet the deadlines outlined in the Order.

  1. The resident will be asked to immediately secure their property and any damaged or destroyed structures, to prevent access by unauthorized personnel.
  2. The resident will need to remove and dispose of all debris, ash, contaminated soil and other hazards by Sept. 30, 2016.
  3. The resident will need to make a decision about removing or covering their foundation by Oct. 31, 2016. Residents have two options to choose from, before the Oct. 31, 2016, deadline:
    • Remove or dispose of the foundation, then backfill the resulting hole and level the land
    • Leave the foundation in place and take other steps to cover the hole so that it is not a hazard. Any steps taken by the resident need to be approved by a municipal Safety Codes Officer. The site must also be secured on all sides with a fence that is allowed under the Alberta Building Code.
  4. If the resident chooses to leave their foundation in place, then no later than June 30, 2017 they need to:
    • Remove and dispose of the foundation of the structure
    • Within 30 days of removal and disposal of the foundation, either backfill the hole or pour a new foundation. (Note: where a new foundation is poured, a permit from the Municipality must first be applied for and obtained.)

In the instances where a resident is unable to meet the deadlines outlined by the Order, the Municipality may step in to complete the work and place any costs associated with that work on the tax roll for that property.

Where an Order has been issued for a property, a Demolition Permit is still required. Demolition Permit applicants (or their agents) should review the Demolition Permit Information Package and complete the checklists and application forms found in the package prior to applying for a Demolition Permit.

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