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RMWB Wildfire Recovery Information

This notice is for all commercial haulers:

On Wednesday, August 10, 2016, the RMWB landfill will be open for all commercial waste hauls, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. This is ONLY during the demolition cleanup.

An additional scale (operated by a third party) for commercial vendors will be situated on the Beacon Hill access road. When using this temporary location to scale in, drivers will receive a triplicate copy of their scale ticket, which must be presented prior to entering the landfill checkpoint at the main scalehouse.

This temporary scale will operate on DAYSHIFT ONLY and is closed during the nightshift.


To efficiently process fleets as they come across the scale (prior to starting their haul), you may register each truck and trailer (license plate etc.) complete weigh-in to record the tare (empty) weight of each vehicle. This will allow (loaded) vehicles to only have to weigh in once on the incoming scale.

Landfill Weigh Scale Requirements

  1. A Fort McMurray Business License is required to set up an account for landfill use. This must be done in person on the 4th floor of the Jubilee Centre (Municipal Building).
    For more information about the new business licensing process, please visit rmwb.ca/businesslicensing or contact Planning and Development Business Licensing at business.licensing@rmwb.ca or visit their office at 309 Powder Drive.
    To create an account, call 780-743-7975 or email accounts.receivable@rmwb.ca.
  2. Each vehicle must be registered. Weights cannot be used on other vehicles even if they are the same type and the same truck must haul the same trailer. Be sure to notify the scalehouse of any changes as then a new registration will be needed including a weigh-in and weigh-out.
  3. If using both commercial scales, the vehicle will need a separate registration for each one.
  4. If a ticket is required on the stored rate, the drive must request it at the time of entry, or will need to come back for it prior to leaving.
  5. There is no stopping past the scales or on roadways.
  6. There is no third party billing.
  7. Drivers must obey road signage, traffic lights and flag people while arriving, using or leaving the landfill.
  8. Out-of-town haulers must have a clean and visible non-resident sticker applied to their driver side window or door for scalehouse cashiers to see.
  9. Vehicles NOT permitted in the landfill for safety reasons are end dumps, trucks and wagons, trucks and pups or side dumps. Vehicles PERMITTED at the landfill are tandem gravel trucks, roll-off trucks and bins, and live bottom trailers.
  10. After dumping their load, registered trucks and trailers can exit the landfill, via the new bypass road south of the main scalehouse, to get onto Highway 63. This will alleviate heavy hauler traffic and provide a faster exit.

For more information on the RMWB scalehouse process and landfill requirements, contact: solid.waste@rmwb.ca

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Watch out for on-street parking restrictions. WMZ season is scheduled to begin Oct.15, pending weather conditions.