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RMWB Wildfire Recovery Information

The Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo reminds homeowners with destroyed properties that the deadline to remove and lawfully dispose of structural ash and steel from their lots is Sept. 30. Homeowners must have the necessary permits and begin work to clean up their property by Sept. 30 or the Municipality will arrange for its contractors to complete the work on behalf of the homeowner.

The Municipality issued demolition orders in July for all properties that were destroyed or were so severely damaged that they require demolition. Residents must meet the deadline to remove all structural ash and steel from their lots to allow the remaining unoccupied standing homes in the affected areas to be reoccupied. If the Municipality is required to complete any cleanup work on behalf of a homeowner, it may choose to bill the costs to the homeowner or place the costs on the tax roll for the property.

Understanding that some residents may have encountered delays in their plans, the Municipality will allow extra time if work has started. Specifically, if there is evidence of stockpiling and removal of steel on the property on Sept. 30, the Municipality will assume that cleanup has started and will only take steps to complete the work if clean up remains unfinished by Oct. 17.

Owners are urged to contact their insurance representative to formalize the details of their cleanup if they haven’t already. Those who are under-insured or not insured should contact the Canadian Red Cross at 1-888-553-5505 for assistance or visit their office in the Hardin Street Building at 9816 Hardin Street. Owners should also confirm completion dates with their contractor to make sure the Municipality’s deadlines are met.

For more information about demolition and clean-up of properties, visit the Rebuilding the Community section of the Wildfire Recovery website at www.rmwb.ca/demolition.

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Winter Maintenance Subzones 1 & 2 are active Jan. 20 - 24.