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RMWB Wildfire Recovery Information

Residents are advised that the deadline for firewood pickup as part of the Birchwood Trails firewood project is Friday, March 24, 2017. 

Since early December, timber for firewood has been available to residents on a first-come, first-served basis. The timber was harvested from ongoing FireSmart fuel reduction projects in the Birchwood Trails area. Following the March 24 deadline, the areas will be cleaned of remaining timber and debris.

To collect firewood, residents must apply for a deadfall permit at the Municipality’s South Operations Centre (140 Airport Road, Fort McMurray). The customary $5 deadfall permit fee will be waived for firewood pickup from areas indicated on this map.

A portion of the harvested timber was recently delivered to the McMurray Métis office for firewood. Residents with deadfall permits are asked to not remove or cut this wood.

Read more about the Birchwood Trails firewood project, or call the Pulse Line at 780-743-7000.

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Winter Maintenance Subzones 1 & 2 are active Jan. 20 - 24.