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RMWB Wildfire Recovery Information

Committed to community-led recovery, the Municipality’s Recovery Task Force has issued a Request For Quotations (RFQ) for property appraisals following the public release of the Waterways slope stability assessment earlier this month.

At its public meeting on March 8, following a presentation on the Waterways slope stability assessment, the Wood Buffalo Recovery Committee (WBRC) directed the Recovery Task Force to:

  • Complete an analysis of community feedback received
  • Review technical aspects of the Waterways slope stability assessment
  • Identify any financial issues associated with each of the options identified and report back with recommendations for the WBRC’s consideration

The Waterways slope stability assessment is a top priority for the WBRC and Recovery Task Force. Any recommendation made by the WBRC would then go to Council for any decision or direction on next steps.

“In our face to face conversations, ‘Here for You’ public information sessions and at our last WBRC meeting we heard from our neighbours in Waterways that they wanted to us to make this a priority but also to gather the best information possible and to do this right,” said Jeanette Bancarz, Chair of the WBRC. “We understand any recommendation that comes forward may have an impact on rebuilding in Waterways and we are committed to keeping the community informed as we work together in recovery.”

The RFQ process, which includes the posting period, evaluating submissions and hiring a proponent and property appraisals specific to Zone 3 and Zone 3A is anticipated to take six weeks. The Recovery Task Force will review the completed appraisals prior to making a recommendation to the WBRC for Zone 3 and Zone 3A properties.

More information on the Waterways slope stability assessment, including the full report, is available on this website.

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Winter Maintenance Subzones 1 & 2 are active Jan. 20 - 24.