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Hazardous Tree Removal

Project Locator

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Hazardous trees that have been identified by residents have been assessed by a third party contractor and will be removed this summer. These trees were damaged in the 2016 Horse River Wildfire and pose a community safety hazard.

The trees will be removed, where possible, by hand and, in most areas, no new mulch will be created during removal.

Hazardous tree removal will take place in the following areas, which were identified by residents:

  • Abasand - near Arsenault Crescent and Athabasca Avenue
  • Waterways - near Pearson Drive and Ptarmigan Park
  • Grayling Terrace - behind Goodwin Place, Gipsy Place and Garson Place
  • Wood Buffalo - behind J.W. Mann Drive
  • Anzac - near the Anzac Recreation Centre

Trees are being inspected certified forestry experts before they are removed. In some cases, more trees may be selected for removal based on the on-site inspections.

In order for a tree to be identified for removal, it must have severe health and structural support issues that place the tree at risk of falling down. Only trees that pose a safety hazard are selected for removal, but if a tree is deemed hazardous it will be removed whether it appears to be living or dead.

If all trees in a certain area meet the criteria for hazardous tree removal, they will all be removed. Every effort is being made to preserve as much of the forested area as possible.

Removal of hazardous trees will improve community safety and will promote the healthy regeneration of the natural forested area.

PLEASE NOTE: Hazardous tree removal will only be done on Municipal property. Trees on private property are the responsibility of the homeowner.

Spring Hazardous Tree Removal Project

This spring, the Municipality completed the first hazardous tree removal project which included the selective removal and disposal of hazardous trees along perimeter trails, roadways, municipal property, park infrastructure and in burned neighbourhoods.

The scope of the work included careful identification of trees damaged by the wildfire and removal and disposal of trees that have the potential to strike any of the infrastructure noted above. Trees damaged by the wildfire and identified for removal have severe health and structural support issues placing them at risk of imminent failure with the potential to strike valued infrastructure.

This work is not related to the FireSmart program.

This project included areas of Saprae Creek, Thickwood, Abasand, Beacon Hill, Waterways and Lower Townsite as shown in the map below.

Quick View Maps - Completed Hazardous Tree Removal (Select Map # for Detail View)

Frequently Asked Questions

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