Recovery & Resiliency Recommendations


Begin recovery planning and activities as early as possible following a disaster

Recovery means bringing the community back to its pre-disaster state. Recovery should start as early as possible in order minimize the impact to a region and residents. This means making decisions quickly about what recovery governance and operational structure should be adopted and implemented, while the response is still occurring. This can be facilitated by the RMWB developing Recovery Plans and templates and framework that can guide decision-making to facilitate a speedy recovery even as an emergency or disaster is happening.

Assess and account for trade-offs associated with different recovery governance and organization structures

In line with the above recommendation, municipalities must decide early on whether or not to create designated recovery governance and organization structures, and potential staffing. Municipalities must recognize the inherent trade-offs involved with selecting one model over another, including any implications for potential Disaster Recovery Program funding from the Government of Alberta. This includes balancing the need to focus on recovery separate from municipal operations; determining the speed, depth and quality required for each of the recovery activities; and leveraging the right internal knowledge while supplementing this with external expertise.


Develop a community resiliency strategy

A community resiliency strategy is particularly relevant to the RMWB given the economic challenges in place prior to the Wildfire. The strategy should consider social, economic, and environmental factors, including mitigating risks of future events.

The strategy should initially focus on the psychosocial, economic, and other ongoing needs of the community, due to the Wildfire and in preparation for the next significant event (natural disaster, economic downturn, or otherwise) that could impact the RMWB.

It should also support the ongoing prioritization of strategies, plans and activities to be taken by the RMWB in support of the longer-term resiliency of the community.