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Construction Fencing Information

Site fencing for the protection of the public is a requirement of all permits where activities involving demolition and construction will take place. However, the actual fencing requirements and the activities and situations that require this protection are not specifically outlined in these permits.

The RMWB will be applying the fencing requirement when any of the following applies:

  • Where there is any excavation or depression deep enough to hold water or cause an injury in the case of a fall, including trenches and excavations for the installation or removal of foundations or site services.
  • Where physical contact with products on the site, either physical or airborne are considered hazardous.
  • Where the use of equipment or machinery for demolition or construction could present a hazard to a person.
  • Where structures or debris piles pose a risk of collapse, settlement or movement, or contain hazardous materials.

The Alberta Building Code and other municipal documentation regarding fencing uses language such as “a strongly constructed fence.” The requirement from the Alberta Building Code is that a “strongly constructed fence” not less than 1.8 m high must be provided as a barrier to protect the public when a Safety Codes Officer deems that demolition or construction activities constitute a hazard to the public.

Fencing must remain in place until all hazards are removed. In the case of open excavations or foundations, the fencing must remain in place until the site is leveled and graded or until the foundation is backfilled and the floor is on.

Winter Maintenance Subzones 1 & 2 are active Jan. 20 - 24.