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Construction Management Teams

CMT Locations

CMT Trailer Location Maps

Click the link above to view maps of the locations of Construction Management Teams in the rebuild areas.

In the next three to five years more than 1,500 structures will be rebuilt throughout the Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo. That means the neighbourhoods that were significantly impacted by the 2016 Horse River Wildfire will see a substantial increase in construction activity.

A rebuild of this scale is unprecedented because it is taking place in communities where people are already living. This rebuild will require a coordinated approach to ensure it is completed in a safe, efficient and compliant manner.

Construction Management Teams (CMTs) have been activated to help identify hazards, reduce risks, and promote safety education and compliance where rebuild construction is taking place. The CMTs will also coordinate and facilitate construction activity to minimize congestion and provide contractors with access to regulators.

This is the first time CMTs are being used to coordinate the rebuild of a community following a natural disaster. This strategy was devised based on lessons learned from the Town of Slave Lake.

The Role Of The CMTs

The CMTs will work with Development Compliance Officers, Safety Codes Officers, Bylaw Services, Regional Emergency Services and the RCMP to coordinate education and enforcement to ensure all builders and contractors are complying with all regulations.

The CMTs will also watch for unsafe practices and non-compliant activities.

Another key role of the CMTs will be to monitor and help prevent damage to Municipal infrastructure. The CMTs will ensure there is sufficient access for emergency services at all times.

The CMTs are there to answer questions and connect residents and contractors to the services and departments they need in their rebuild.

How The CMTs Operate

CMT staff are onsite from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m., seven days per week in areas which have been identified based on proximity and similar rebuilding requirements:

  • Timberlea, Thickwood, Wood Buffalo and Parsons Creek
    CMT Location: Intersection of Siltstone Place and Prospect Drive
  • Abasand, Lower Townsite and Grayling Terrace
    CMT Location: Off Highway Vehicle (OHV) staging area on Abasand Drive
  • Beacon Hill, Gregoire
    CMT Location: Beacon Hill Drive across from Beale Crescent
  • Waterways, Ptarmigan Park, Draper, Airport Road, Saline Creek, Saprae Creek and Anzac
    CMT Location: Parking lot on Bulyea Avenue between Tomlinson Street and McCormick Drive

After-Hours Issues

If you have a question about your rebuild or have a request that is not time-sensitive, you should email

If you encounter a problem overnight between 7 p.m. and 7 a.m. you should contact the PULSE Line at 780-743-7000.

For bear or other wildlife sightings in the rebuild area, or to report a poacher, call 1-800-642-3800.

To report a Bylaw complaint, call 780-788-4200.

For non-emergency police complaints, call the RCMP at 780-788-4000.

To report a crime in progress call 911.

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