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Use of adjacent private properties for storage is prohibited during construction

Throughout the rebuild process there will be many challenges to overcome, including logistical challenges like coordinating materials and equipment and finding sufficient space to store tools and materials while work on construction projects is under way.

Despite those challenges, contractors are reminded it is prohibited to store excavation materials, stockpile, construction equipment, machinery, vehicles, tools, or other materials related to the construction and rebuild of a property on adjacent private property.

Any requests to remove non-compliant materials, either from the property owner or from Municipal by-law services, must be followed within 10 days. Any materials that are not removed by the contractor in that time frame may be moved by the Municipality at the expense of the contractor.

The Municipality understands the challenges both residents and contractors are facing, particularly in areas where there is a higher volume of rebuild activity and construction work ongoing.

Construction Management Team (CMT) area coordinators will be deployed in early April to help coordinate the work of contractors throughout our region to ensure a safe, efficient, and compliant rebuild.

The CMT is designed to act as a point of contact for contractors and residents and as eyes on the ground on behalf of the Municipality to establish a compliance management approach to the rebuild with the support of Planning and Development, Bylaw Services, Private Security and Occupational Health & Safety from the Alberta Ministry of Labour.

Residents and contractors alike are encouraged to work with the area coordinators to resolve issues, report unsafe working conditions and coordinate rebuild activities. Area coordinators will be available seven days a week from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m.

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