New Home Warranty & Builder Registry

As of Feb. 1, 2014, every new home built in Alberta is protected under warranty. Alberta’s New Home Buyer Protection Act encourages even higher quality standards, making sure your new home stands the test of time. The builder information requirements will help residents make more informed decisions when selecting a builder to reconstruct their home.

Warranty Protection

Warranty protection plans must be obtained from a provider and then registered with the New Home Buyer Protection Program. There are several warranty providers throughout Alberta that can help you with providing protection for your new home.

Builder Registry

On June 30, 2016, Alberta Municipal Affairs passed a new legislation requiring all home builders, including owner builders, to be on the Alberta Municipal Affairs RMWB Builder Registry.

Builders must complete the Residential Builder Declaration form and submit it to the New Home Buyer Protection Office (NHBPO). All builders that have been validated and approved, have permission from the Province of Alberta to build in the Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo.

Hosted on the Government of Alberta website, the Builder Registry is an alphabetical listing of residential builders who have expressed interest in building new homes in the Wood Buffalo and have submitted the builder information forms to the NHBPO.

Each builder’s name is linked to a downloadable PDF of the most recent builder information disclosure form received from that builder and reviewed by the NHBPO.

Modular Homes and Ready-to-Move (RTM) Manufactures

Modular home and RTM manufactures must be on the registry as well. Once the manufacturer is on the registry, permit applicants who are having a Modular home or RTM delivered from one of the registered manufactures, is not required to be on the builder registry.

More Information

View information on the New Home Warranty here.

For questions, call Municipal Affairs toll-free at 1-866-421-6929.

All WMZones are relaxed: Feb. 11 - 15.  Follow us here for regular updates.