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Temporary Residential Waste Bins

Temporary residential waste bins have been installed in the following rebuild construction areas:

  • Abasand
  • Beacon Hill
  • Waterways
  • Wood Buffalo
  • Stone Creek

These waste bins are for residential waste and recycling only. They are being made available to support residents living in rebuilt and standing homes.

Regular curbside garbage pickup will continue with no further service interruptions.

The residential waste bins are supervised jointly by the Construction Management Teams (CMTs) and by on-site security. These bins will be emptied at least once a week or more frequently as required.

Only bagged household waste will be accepted in the waste bins, as per Bylaw No. 07/043, a Bylaw of the Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo to establish regulations for the collection, removal and disposal of solid waste. All other waste must be brought to the landfill.

Bylaw No. 07/043, Part V "Occupant Responsibilities", Section 21 states:

An occupant shall not set out for collection day, any:
(a) discarded furniture, appliances, automobile parts including tires, or other household equipment;
(b) trees, tree limbs, whole shrubs or bushes, portions of hedges;
(c) fences, gates or other permanent or semi-permanent fixtures on the premises;
(d) building materials and/or building waste;
(e) other discarded household chattels, materials or equipment which has an overall length of more than 0.6 metres (2 feet) in any dimension or an overall weight of more than 20.5 kg (45 lb.);
(f) animal wastes of any kind;
(g) liquid wastes of any kind;
(h) used oil or filters;
(i) ashes which are not properly extinguished and packaged, or which may be hot or likely to cause a fire;
(j) highly combustible or explosive material, such as powder, ammunition, dynamite, motion picture films, paints, batteries or quicklime;
(k) hazardous waste as defined under Section 4(s);
(l) waste receptacles in excess of the designated limit as set out in Section 5.05;
(m) waste that is uncontained or contained in an unapproved receptacle which has not itself been placed into an appropriate waste receptacle before being set out at the designated collection point;
(n) any other waste where the waste receptacle or waste material does not meet the provisions of this bylaw or, if the waste receptacle is in a dilapidated, unsafe or unsanitary condition.

Any questions about regular waste pick-up can be directed to the PULSE Line at 780-743-7000 or to

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