Whether residents experienced a total structure lost or are a repairing partially damaged home, it is important to be aware of any permits required for construction.

Permits verify that a structure and its systems comply with existing codes and bylaws, and pose no risk of harm to occupants or the community. Permits are required by law to rebuild.

The following resources will support residents in knowing what permits are required based on their personal situation.

Permits for Rebuilding a Total Loss Structure

Obtaining the Development Permit and Building Permit required to rebuild a home.

Repairing a Partially Damaged Homes

Obtaining the construction needed to repair a home that sustained significant damage.

Permit Fee Exemption

All permits issued related to rebuilding a structure or property damaged as a result of the wildfire are exempted from permitting fees.

Private Sewer Permit Information

Information for homeowners rebuilding or repairing a home where a private sewage system is being used.

Frequently Asked Questions

A collection of frequently asked questions regarding the permitting process.

All Winter Maintenance Zones are Active Jan. 13-17.