Notice of Re-Survey

The official re-survey under sections 39 and 48 of the Surveys Act being conducted within the communities of Abasand, Beacon Hill, Draper, Saprae Creek, Stonecreek, Waterways and Wood Buffalo affected by the 2016 wildfires has reached a stage where temporary spikes have now been placed at the corners of the parcels being re-surveyed and the re-survey plans have been drafted.

The next step in the legislated procedure requires the Minister (or delegated representative) to consider the re-survey plans before they are officially confirmed and then registered at Land Titles. As part of the process, a public hearing will take place at which time the parties affected by the re-survey will be heard. This hearing is scheduled for November 29 and 30, 2018 between 10 a.m. and 8 p.m. at the Fox Den, Regional Recreation Corporation of Wood Buffalo, 1 C.A. Knight Way, Fort McMurray, AB, T9H 5C5 – MacDonald Island Park.

Those who are affected by the re-survey are strongly encouraged to note the locations of any temporary spikes (or other survey monuments) at their parcel corners, and to review the unregistered re-survey plans PRIOR to the public hearing.

That this be done in advance of a hearing is important for a few reasons, including but not limited to the following:

  • It will be likely that temporary spikes and other survey monuments will be covered by snow and ice (and therefore invisible unless efforts are made to uncover them) by the time the public hearing occurs;
  • Due to construction and other activities, the longer one waits to view the temporary spikes, the greater the risk that they may be disturbed or destroyed;
  • Providing opportunity to review the plans in advance of the hearing will allow as many of the affected parties as possible to see the results of the re-survey;
  • Reviewing in advance will allow for a more efficient and productive public hearing so that all affected parties can be heard in a timely manner;
  • Upon review, affected parties may decide whether they feel a need still exists to attend the public hearing or not.

Because of the vast size of areas involved (as mentioned, 7 communities), multiple plans were required to encompass the entire re-survey area. Two of those communities (Abasand and Beacon Hill) were large enough that they both required two separate plans each to cover the entire community.

In addition to the actual plans that will be registered at the Land Titles Office upon confirmation by the Minister (or designate), it was also decided that an enhanced version of these plans (not to be registered at the Land Titles Office) be made available for viewing for the purpose of discussion only. These plans indicate the type of markings currently existing at the corners of the affected parcels (i.e. statutory iron posts, temporary spikes and lath, etc.) and any existing encroachments that were identified as part of the re-survey process. Where encroachments are shown on the plan, there will also be additional documents available for viewing which would show the encroachments in more detail as well as providing some information associated with the encroachment.

This means that each plan in a PDF format showing the staking and encroachments is composed of one page, the survey plan, along with further pages detailing the encroachments. The plan will have a statement at the area of the encroachment referring to the page number with the details, i.e., “See Appendix Page x”. On the plan you will also see an X at each location where a temporary staked lot corner was placed. At a number of locations the text “U.T.P” is shown indicating a mark could not be placed (Unable to Post) followed by the reason why; fence, concrete, construction, etc. In the example below, one would go to Page 6 to see the details of the encroachment which is a utility box. This utility box is also the reason a temporary spike could not be placed.


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