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Project Updates by Pillar


Community Wellness: Supporting schools, small businesses, social profits, and the Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo (RMWB) in efforts to provide supports and services to the residents of our community.

Neighbourhood Network: The Neighbourhood Network is a community-based network that recognizes, promotes and supports activities that contribute to the vitality and high quality of life in Wood Buffalo.


Greenspace Rehabilitation Project: Work is being done to grade firebreak areas, lay down top soil and seed for grass in the established fire breaks. All trails will be restored to their pre-fire condition.

Municipal FireSmart principles: A guide is being established to educate homeowners who live adjacent to greenspace on the principles for FireSmart landscaping to help mitigate the risk of wildfire to their home.

Hazardous Tree Removal: Continued efforts to remove trees that were damaged in the wildfire that pose a safety hazard. Tree Canada’s Operation ReLeaf – Fort McMurray: Work with Tree Canada to establish a plan for reforestation of the community.

Soil Testing: Phase 3 of the three-phase Air, Ash and Soil testing is underway. The results are expected in late April.


Back to Business Resource Centre (BBRC): The BBRC continues to offer free programming to aid in the recovery of local businesses including the Business Coaching Program, Ask an Expert, BBRC Event Series lectures, Business Support Network events and more.

Re-establishing presence of the Insurance Bureau of Canada (IBC) in the community: A plan is being drafted to renew a continued presence of IBC in the community driven by Recovery and supported by the Wood Buffalo Economic Development Department and the Canadian Red Cross.


Construction Management Teams (CMTs): The establishment of CMTs remains a top priority ahead of the spring boom in construction. The CMTs will help to coordinate the rebuild and help ensure safety in the community.

Construction Safety Education: A plan is being developed to bring targeted, community-focused construction safety information to the schools in our community as well as community partner agencies like sports teams, youth groups, religious groups, and other community associations. The goal is to educate children about the dangers of construction sites to mitigate risk during rebuild.


FireSmart: Ongoing FireSmart work is being done to remove and thin trees and plants in select forested areas within the RMWB. The debris is being offered as free firewood to the public, is being mulched, diverted to the landfill, or burned under the close supervision of qualified contractors.

FireSmart education: Work is being done to educate the community about FireSmart work that has been done in the past 12 years in the community and about what homeowners can do on their own property to help mitigate the risk of a wildfire using the FireSmart principles.


Email recovery@rmwb.ca or call PULSE Line at 780-743-7000.


Winter Maintenance Subzones 1 & 2 are active Jan. 20 - 24.