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Project Updates by Pillar


  • CARE WB: Home-to-Home pilot program is underway with over 600 doors knocked on. Working with AHS, the mission is to connect with residents on a personal level to ensure they feel supported following the wildfire disaster. We Connect, Access, Refer and Engage residents to promote recovery and overall wellbeing.
  • Public Art & Honouring the Heroes of Wood Buffalo: Continue to garner participation in the creation of a commemorative monument. Renowned Newfoundland artist Morgan MacDonald has created a maquette (small scale model) of the proposed monument which is on display at the Suncor Community Leisure Centre at MacDonald Island Park. The proposed design is subject to change based on input and from local residents and represents a vision of the sculptural bronze piece that will be gifted to the RMWB in future.
  • E-Prep: E-Prep community training is ongoing. The Northern Lights Regional Hospital and the Catholic School district are amongst the training recipients with the Golden Years Society to follow. Sign-up for the fall has commenced with over 180 registrants to date.


  • Firebreak and Trail Restoration Project: Request for Tender has been posted for a contractor to start the work on the firebreaks and trails. Work is anticipated to start in July.
  • Hazardous Tree Removal: Residents are encouraged to report trees that were damaged in the wildfire that pose a safety hazard. A contractor will be on standby to assess and remove the trees if necessary.
  • Soil Testing: Results of the phase 3 of the three-phase environmental testing are under review at the GOA and are expected to be released the end of July by the GOA.


  • Wood Buffalo Recovery Loan Program: Starting on June 1, 2017, local businesses will have access to financing through a new repayable loan program offered by Community Futures Wood Buffalo. The local business support organization received a $2 million grant from the RMWB to operate the program. Financing will be made available to all rural, urban, and indigenous businesses.


  • Construction Management Teams (CMTs): CMTs are now established in rebuild areas. CMTs are helping to coordinate the rebuild and help ensure safety in the community.
  • Construction Access Roads: Beacon Hill Construction Access road is now open. All construction traffic must use that route to maintain separation from residential traffic. Abasand Construction Access Road will be opening in the coming weeks.


  • Tree Planting: More than 76,000 seedlings have been planted.
  • FireSmart Initiatives: $14 million in funding secured from the GOA and Red Cross.
  • Mitigation Strategy: A five-year Wildfire Mitigation Strategy is being drafted for completion this September.


Winter Maintenance Subzones 1 & 2 are active Jan. 20 - 24.