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Firebreak Rehabilitation and Trail Restoration

Work is now under way to rehabilitate firebreak areas created to support firefighting efforts during the 2016 Horse River Wildfire and to restore all trails that were damaged or destroyed at the time. 

Firebreak rehabilitation work will include grading and adding topsoil and grass seed in the first 30 metres beyond the end of residential property lines. Approximately 30 per cent of firebreak areas beyond the first 30 metres will receive the same treatment and remaining firebreak areas will regenerate naturally.Firebreak graphic

Rehabilitation work will also include the restoration of trails damaged or destroyed during the wildfire. All trails will be restored to their previous condition, restoring paved trails as paved trails and gravel trails as gravel trails, etc. In some cases, trails may be moved further from the property line and closer to the tree line. 

This project will implement FireSmart guidelines, which identify tree species and spacing. Grass in the firebreak areas will be maintained and added to the Municipality's mowing and maintenance program.