Tree Projects


Tree Canada Operation ReLeaf – Fort McMurray Community Grants

The application period for the Tree Canada Operation ReLeaf – Fort McMurray community grants is now closed.

Successful applicants are reminded that funding will only be released to residents and community organizations who have planted fire-resistant trees according to FireSmart principles. Residents who have been approved for funding must submit a detailed receipt and a photo of the planted tree(s) to Tree Canada. Community organizations who have been approved must submit a detailed receipt and a photo of fire-resistant trees that have been purchased.

Please note: While Ash is a fire-resistant tree species suitable for our region, Tree Canada will not approve grants for this tree due to its relation to the invasive Emerald Ash Borer pest that was recently introduced into Canada.


Funding will be released once all required documentation is received and reviewed by Tree Canada. It may take between six to eight weeks for a cheque to be processed and mailed out.


Hazardous Tree Removal

The Municipality continues to remove trees that became hazardous as a result of the 2016 wildfire. Trees posing a community safety hazard will be removed, where possible, by hand and, in most areas, no new mulch will be created during removal. Trees are being inspected certified forestry experts before they are removed and in some cases, more trees may be selected for removal based on the on-site inspections.

In order for a tree to be identified for removal, it must have severe health and structural support issues that place the tree at risk of falling down. Only trees that pose a safety hazard are selected for removal, but if a tree is deemed hazardous it will be removed whether it appears to be living or dead.

If all trees in a certain area meet the criteria for hazardous tree removal, they will all be removed. Every effort is being made to preserve as much of the forested area as possible.

Removal of hazardous trees will improve community safety and will promote the healthy regeneration of the natural forested area.

PLEASE NOTE: Hazardous tree removal will only be done on Municipal property. Trees on private property are the responsibility of the homeowner.

This work is not related to the FireSmart program.

Residents are encouraged to report hazardous trees to PULSE.

All WMZones are relaxed beginning March 19.  Follow us here for regular updates.