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Urban Service Area Growth

Fringe Area Development Assessment

The purpose of the Fringe Area Development Assessment - Urban Service Area is to outline suitable areas for future urban expansion and development phasing of the Urban Service Area.

The specific objectives of this study are:

  • identify areas suitable for future urban development,
  • determine environmental and geotechnical constraints to development,
  • integrate new development areas with existing and future transportation, servicing and other infrastructure,
  • identify significant environmental features for protection/preservation and to minimize
    impacts on terrestrial and aquatic habitats,
  • eliminate any areas that may currently be included in expansion planning that are not
    suitable for development,
  • update the Fringe Area Planning Study that was conducted in 1986,
  • prioritize expansion areas by suitability for development and cost for servicing and
    infrastructure (transportation) including population projections for each area, and
  • provide a final recommendation for preferred growth areas and phasing.

The Fringe Area report will serve as a guide for future growth planning for the Urban Service Area and also guide discussions with the Province of Alberta for all areas related to infrastructure development and land release.

Fringe Report Executive Summary 2.2 MB
Fringe Report Part I 4.3 MB
Fringe Report Part II 6.7 MB
Fringe Report Part III 5.7 MB


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