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Meet the Artists - 2014

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2014 Mentoring Artists

The 2014 Artist in Residency artists come from all over Canada (and the world!), but they have strong connections to Fort McMurray and the Wood Buffalo region. Learn more about the artists and their work:

Gallery: Liana Wheeldon

Liana Wheeldon

Mandy Wills

Mandy Wills Profile Photo

Penny Chun

Penny Chun's Profile Photo

Reinalie Jorolan

Reinalie Jorolan's Profile Photo

Liana Wheeldon

I moved from Vancouver, BC to Fort McMurray in 2009. My formal art education includes four years at Emily Carr College of Art & Design where I received my Diploma in Fine Arts with a major in Printmaking.  I have studied various mediums through continuing education at Langara College in BC, Ontario College of Art & Design, and Keyano College in Fort McMurray.

Although my formal art training came from Emily Carr College, my real drawing education came from the comic books I devoured in my youth. The comic book artist’s magic ability to tell a story in a panel made me want to be an artist and permeates my work to this day.

Popular culture has always had a strong influence on my work – film noir and detective/crime novels in particular.  To me the humour and quick, witty banter were almost more impressive than the great use of light and shadow and I often incorporate lines from classic, and not so classic, films and books into my pieces.

The actor’s ability to convey emotion with a look and the storyteller’s vision created with words and light inspires me to create my own stories. One of my greatest pleasures has always been getting caught up in great writing – whether a novel, a movie script or a great song.  Nothing is more magical than having the imagination captured so strongly that one feels like the characters are people we know.  I hope my pieces will capture the viewer’s imagination in the same way.

Contact Information:

Email: lianaron@live.ca
Website: www.lianawheeldon.com

Mandy Wills

I am a Fort McMurray Métis artist currently based in Toronto, Ontario. Interested in both the integration of representational and abstract/surreal art, I studied Visual Art and Design at Keyano College before moving to Toronto to pursue an education in Concept Art. I have exhibited within Fort McMurray and I continue to stay in contact with the arts community here.

Contact information:

Email: mandyhwills@gmail.com

Penny Chun >

I was born two decades ago in a far-away land and came to Canada with my family when I was just eight months old. I moved from Vancouver to Fort McMurray in 2006.

I am an aspiring artist with a creative mind and an adventurous spirit, and I have established myself as a passionately committed student of the arts. I carried my deep interest in visual arts throughout grade school, and I will continue to study art for my post-secondary education at Emily Carr University of Art & Design, where I plan to major in illustration.

As a student, I am still learning, still experimenting, and always eager to try new things. I mainly work on mixed media artworks, paintings, and drawings which focus on narrative. I wish to showcase dreamy, story-book like images in which fiction and reality meet, generating tranquil poetic images that leave traces and balances on the division between the realm of narrative and the realm of experience. I takes daily life as a subject matter while commenting on the everyday aesthetic of middle class values. The use of everyday objects and situations characterizes my work, in which recognition plays an important role.

Having spent my childhood in Vancouver, as well as attending art school there, my work is influenced by coastal art, as well as the Northern landscape that surrounds me now in Fort McMurray. I am inspired by countless things – a fox, a cloud, a quote, or even a pair of shoes has the potential of inspiring my next project. However, most of my inspiration comes from storybook illustrators such as Jon Klassen, Oliver Jeffers, and Aurelia Fronty.

My other interests include literature, animals, and dessert.

Contact information:

Reinalie Jorolan

I was born and raised in Ozamiz City, Philippines. I started painting on my birthday on May 28, 2003 in Philippines. I first discovered oil and acrylic paint on canvas with a group of local artists at Good Times Cafe, Dipolog City, Philippines.

As a community development worker, most of my artistic subjects are reflections of cultural diversity, local scenery and the flow of life in the local community. I came to Fort McMurray in June 2004 and continued this artistic pursuit by capturing Alberta’s natural landscapes along with its rich and diverse cultural scenes.

From my home to the community, I continue to share my art work in group shows at various locations including MacDonald Island Community Art Gallery, Keyano College Art Gallery, Fort McMurray Public Library and the Oil Sands Discovery Centre. Also, my recent painting “Going to Work” was chosen to be a magazine cover for NorthWord Magazine’s 10th issue - a premier literary magazine in Northern Alberta. In addition to my artistic interests, I have published several poetry pieces both online and on print.

I am a story teller who tells my own life’s journey in words and colours. By doing so, I get to enrich my soul from time to time. This is more than enough to quench my thirst for beauty and a meaningful life.

Contact Information:

Email: reinalie.jorolan@gmail.com

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