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Rural Water and Sewer Servicing

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Rural Water and Sewer Servicing (RWSS) will upgrade the water, sewer and road infrastructure in the communities of Anzac, Conklin, Draper, Janvier, Gregoire Lake Estates and Saprae Creek. From June to November 2014, the Council of the Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo approved the funding, phasing and financing strategy to design and build the new Rural Water and Sewer Service system.

Please note: All timelines are tentative and could change due to weather or other unforeseen circumstances.

RWSS Community Updates


Project Start Date End Date
Contract 1: Construction, testing and commissioning of five lift stations: (a) Two engineered lift stations at Highway 881 and Stony Mountain Rd; (b) Three packaged lift stations at Woodward Dr., Singer Rd. and Townsend Drive. Feb 2019 May 2020
Contract 2: Installation of water sewer and road rehabilitation up to the private property line including road rehabilitation and driveways Sep 2017 Oct 2019
Contract 3: Service Connections May 2020 Varies


Project Start Date End Date
Contract 1: Northland Drive  March 2015 Completed
Contract 2: Lift Stations, Water Treatment Plant Upgrade, Service Stubs to Northland Drive March 2017 June 2019
Contract 3: Pine Lane, Poplar Drive, Poplar Crescent, Spruce Drive Sep 2017 Sep 2020
Contract 4: Water and Sewer Installation on Christina Lake Dr. and Father Mercredi’s Tr., and 2 Lift Stations May 2020 Nov. 2021
Contract 5: Conklin Corner and 1 Lift Station May 2019 Nov. 2019
Contract 6: Service Connections May 2019-2021 Varies



RWSS Draper Q&A

RWSS Draper Design Survey

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Project Start Date End Date
Contract 1: Water and Sewer Stage1 May 2019 Nov 2019
Contract 2: Water and Sewer Stage2 May 2020 Nov 2020
Contract 3: Service Connections May 2021 *

Gregoire Lake Estates

Project Start Date End Date
Contract 1: Gregoire Avenue, Aspen Crescent, Poplar Crescent July 2017 June 2019
Contract 2: Lift station, water reservoir and lift station on crown land behind Poplar Cres. Nov 2017 June 2019
Contract 3: Force Main from Gregoire Lake Estates to Anzac Jan 2019 Feb 2020
Contract 4: Service Connections May 2020 Varies


Detailed design and tendering is ongoing. All remaining construction work is scheduled for completion between August 2017 and November 2018 with service connections starting in 2019.

Project Start Date End Date
Contract 1: Main Water and Sewer Line Sep 2017 July 2019
Contract 2: Lagoon and Outfall Pipe Nov 2018
Nov 2019
Contract 3: Service Connections May 2020 Varies

Saprae Creek

Project Start Date End Date
Contract 1: Sommer Way, Spruce Valley Gate, Evergreen Place, Conifer Way, Spruce Valley Dr., Community Lane, Sol Park Dr., Weiss Dr., Janke Lane, Freestone Way, Saprae Cr. Sep 2017 Oct 2019
Contract 2: Force main, gravity main Oct 2018 Aug 2019
Contract 3: Lift Station April 2019 Dec 2019
Contract 3: Service Connections May 2020 Varies

FAQ - Saprae Creek

Q. How much will our taxes increase after we connect to the system?
A. There is no pre-determined change in taxes for connecting to the system. Property taxes are determined annually based on market assessments and tax rates.

Q. Is it too late to consider grinder pumps in the design?
A. Yes. Extensive research was done into grinder pumps and septic tank effluent pumps (STEPs). It was determined that STEPs are more reliable and have fewer maintenance costs.

Q: Will you consider a community vac truck service? Will you consider subsidizing pump-outs? Will you consider passing on pump warranties beyond the two years the municipality provides?
A: Yes we will consider these suggestions. We periodically bring suggestions for improvements to Council for consideration.

Q: Can old septic fields/mounds stay in the ground?
A: Yes but it will be homeowners responsibility to maintain them.

Q: Can you install a lift station that will push material to the airport?
A: Yes. It’s being built within the existing Saprae Creek fire hall.

Q: Is there a section on the website for questions?
A: Yes, Use RWSS Feedback form for your questions.

Q: Who will be providing assessments on existing tank systems to see if they can still be used? If existing tank need to be removed who covers the cost?
A: Qualified professionals will make these assessments. The municipality will decommission old tank at its cost.

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