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FAQ: Rural Water and Sewer Servicing

How do I benefit from the Rural Water and Sewer Servicing program?

The contribution you make for your service goes towards the total cost of the Municipality’s new water and sewer pipes, the service from the roadway to your residence and the restoration of your lot after construction has been completed.

What will the cost to me be?

On November 25, 2014, Council approved the following costs to residents connecting to thenew system in rural communities:
  • The cost to residents of Anzac, Conklin, Draper, Gregoire Lake Estates and Janvier will be fixed at $16,000, as they are receiving both piped water and sewer systems.
  • The cost to residents of Saprae Creek will be fixed at $10,000, as they are only receiving a new sewer system and an upgrade to their currently existing water distribution system.

How will the Municipality collect payment from me?

On February 2, 2016, Council directed that the payment will be made in the form of a service connection fee. The service connection fee can be paid in a lump sum at the time you connect or by an annual payment (over a maximum of 25 years).

What will the cost to me be if I delay connection and payment?

The service connection fee will increase based on the rates of inflation and interest in effect in the market at the time that you connect to the system. Interest rates will be based on the Alberta Capital Financing Authority (ACFA) rates applicable at the time of your payment, as well as the rate of inflation as determined by Statistics Canada’s consumer pricing index, in relation to market conditions in Alberta. The below example uses an interest rate of 3.647% and an inflation rate of 3.0%. The below chart illustrates the potential increase in cost, if you choose to defer your connection to the system.

Anzac, Conklin, Draper, Janvier and Gregoire Lake Estates Saprae Creek
Years Delayed Amount Payable Annual Payment Amount Payable Annual Payment
1 $16,000 $986 $10,000 $616
5 $18,008 $1,110 $11,255 $694
10 $20,268 $1,249 $12,668 $781
15 $22,812 $1,406 $14,258 $879
20 $25,675 $1,583 $16,047 $989
25 $28,898 $1,781 $18,061 $1,113

What if I do not want this system upgrade?

To realize the full economic and environmental benefits of the Rural Water and Sewer Servicing program, all residences must eventually connect to the system. It is hoped that residents will be encouraged to connect by the benefits that the system provides, as well as the cost savings that it enables.

If I have a Low Pressure Sewer System, how will I be protected from sewer back-up?

Every pump chamber is equipped with double check valves which prevent backflow out of the system.

After my connection is completed, will my sewer service be affected by power failure?

In the event of a power failure, you will be alerted with a visual warning light and an audible alarm.

How will connections to future developments and/or subdivisions be dealt with?

On September 23, 2014, Council stated that any new subdivisions and developments will be required to connect to the water and sewer systems and that the cost of these private connections, paid through a development services fee, will be the full responsibility of the property owner or developer as the case may be.