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Temporary Accommodations: Hotels, Work Camps and Lodges

Are you looking for options for temporary accommodations? A number of hotels and site accommodations (camps/lodges) have rooms available throughout the region available for rent.

To find available accommodations, review the daily Remote Lodge Occupancy Report along with the map to see if there are open rooms available at a suitable location. Please check the report often, as we will be updating it regularly. You can also use the list of available hotels in Fort McMurray to find a location that suits your needs.

Once you’ve identified a potential accommodation, refer to the Remote Lodge Contact Information document to help book the room. There are Google Maps links embedded in the contact document for you to find your way to the specific location.

The following pertains to general site requirements that the visitor may be required to be aware of and subsequently follow when staying at one of the Industry remote lodges in the Fort McMurray area. Each site will have more specific requirements that the visitor will review the time of checking in at the site.

Travel to your destination

  • Have a Journey Management plan for your journey by:
    • Having a map and directions to your destination
    • Have a means of communication
    • Ensure someone is aware of your departure and arrival time
    • Close off your Journey Management plan upon arrival at your destination.
  • Always drive to posted speed limits and road conditions
  • Confirm any route restrictions due to fire, smoke and or emergency services Alberta Road Report website.

Site access

  • If you are staying at site accommodations (camp/lodge), check with their staff for site specific requirements such as:
    • Security entrance location
    • Parking in designated areas
    • Driver's licence, insurance and vehicle registration
    • Name of company you represent
    • Purpose of your visit
    • Check in and out times

Facility access

  • Once at the facility and prior to being assigned a room from reception, you will be:
    • Provided with a site orientation including muster area and any special considerations such as restricted areas such as helipads
    • Required to review and sign site requirements such as a waiver for the gym and dining room protocol
    • Made aware of site restrictions such as drugs and alcohol. A majority of sites are "dry" and do not allow alcohol
    • Made aware that you may be subject to room and luggage searches as well as being subject to canine searches for any contraband
    • Failure to follow site rules could result in the occupant being removed from site. (e.g.: smoking in non-designated areas, use of candles in rooms, etc.)
    • When checking out please return your key or Key Card to the front desk

What to expect at the camp

  • Share rooms are not typically offered as beds are often single
  • Shared washrooms – some facilities may have this
  • Linens and towels are provided
  • Breakfast and dinner will be provided. For lunch facilities will have a variety of sandwiches, fruits, etc., that are readily available that will allow individuals to pack their own lunches based on personal preferences.
  • Personal care products – individuals need to pack what they need for the duration of their stay.
  • No alarm clocks provided in the rooms
  • Most camps will have television and WiFi
  • No outdoor shoes beyond the entry point
  • Once again, all or most camps will be “dry” and therefore prohibit alcohol.
    • Rooms are cleaned regularly and if housekeeping comes across alcohol bottles they are required to report this to their supervisors immediately. Cause for immediate loss of camp privileges.

All Winter Maintenance Zones are relaxed until further notice.