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Highway 63/Saprae Creek Trail Improvements

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As part of improvements to the intersection of Highway 63 and Saprae Creek Trail (Highway 69), crews will mobilize in May to begin work. Upgrades will include the widening of Highway 63 at the intersection to three lanes both northbound and southbound, and installing new traffic signals and signage.

During construction, access will be maintained, with two lanes open for traffic northbound and southbound. Traffic signals and signs will be in place to notify drivers of the construction.

E Construction will be acting as the municipality’s contractor on this project, supported by consultant Associated Engineering.

Work is expected to begin May 2017 and completed by November 2017, depending on weather.

This construction is as a result of the 2014 Wood Buffalo Land Exchange Agreement, whereby the municipality agreed to provide transportation infrastructure and ongoing maintenance of Saprae Creek Trail (Highway 69) and additional improvements on Highway 63 within Wood Buffalo. In return, the municipality received a land transfer from the provincial government.

If you have questions, call the Construction Helpdesk at 780-793-1054 or email constructionhelpdesk@rmwb.ca.

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